Friday, July 6, 2018

Bday Gifts: The Year of the Necklace

So a funny thing happened this year for my birthday ~ four of my friends gave me the same gift unbeknownst to them ~ I received four necklaces! I love jewelry and try to wear all the things I have, so it makes sense that my friends know I like necklaces. Granted, they are all different in their own way, but perfect too.

Andrew my husband gave me a pink elephant necklace complete with martini glass because I like cocktails (and a subscription to Fangoria. Yep, Fangoria is publishing a paper copy of their magazine again! Whoot! You can read about my history with them here.)

This necklace is from Atomic Crush Design. If you're into memorializing your cat on the epitome of Mid Century Modern kitsch in a mosaic gravel wall panel, this is the place for you! They do custom work and have some pieces pre-made for immediate sale. Their works are expertly detailed to look like vintage pieces. I may have one made of my Ginger someday, but for now I'll settle for a whimsical necklace.

Samples of what they offer...

"Hey babe, what's your sign?"  "I'm a crab and a cancer to everyone that knows me, so stay away!" Check out this vintage crab necklace. It represents my personality quite nicely.

My dear friend Coffin Kitsch gave me this fun Freddy Krueger pin and necklace from Zanti (aka Chris Orlando) you can find him at horror conventions and comic cons. The pieces are original designs cast in pewter. So cool. The pin immediately found a home on my jean jacket.

Finally a cat necklace and earring set. Let me tell you it's really hard to find tiki cat things, but this Bosco designed cat is the perfect combo. The glass beads are so sparkly it looks like there's lights behind them!

Oh and if anyone was wondering in the Chinese Zodiac I was born in the Year of the Dragon. One of the traits of Dragons is that we attract people who are elegant, intelligent, and understanding. It's true my friends are awesome. Cheers to another year!

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