When I'm not wearing something in theme , or something that's black and white, I'm wearing cat clothes . Yes, CAT CLOTHES. I wil...

Throw a Cat on it & I'll Wear it

When I'm not wearing something in theme, or something that's black and white, I'm wearing cat clothes. Yes, CAT CLOTHES. I will admit I'm the biggest sucker for anything with a cat on it. Throw a cat on it and I'm sold! It can be ugly as hell, it can be cutesy with the most adorable pink fluffy kitten, it can be a tough as nails satanic cat and I'm sold. I love them all!

I'm going to let you in on a fashion secret...I shop a lot in the kids dept for cat things. This latest acquisition is from the girl's pajama section at Target. It's supposed to be a night gown, but I added leggings and a belt and it's become my favorite comfy cat dress! This outfit makes me soar like an atomic space kitty!

So you can't fit into the stuff in the kids section ~ still shop there! You might find a really cool cat purse, or cat ear headband, or cat leg warmers. In recent years even the men's section has cat clothes. I've seen amazing 1980s inspired cat Ts, socks and more. Cats are everywhere and I challenge you to find your crazy cat person through fashion.

I say wear what makes you happy and don't be afraid to think outside the box!