I've been trying to catch up on my social life after suffering with laryngitis for three weeks. What have I been up to you might ask? We...

Catching Up on Life: It, Dancing, Hocus Pocus & Clubbing

I've been trying to catch up on my social life after suffering with laryngitis for three weeks. What have I been up to you might ask? Well needless to say I'm still on a Lil Bub high after meeting her, and I've been going out! Don't get me wrong, I'm still an introvert and love my "me time" which I've been using to read, It by Stephen King. (Side note: I forgot how long this book is! Ugh. Any other book I would have read in a day, this one is going on two weeks. If only I didn't have to work....*sigh*. Haha. I did see the new movie It and enjoyed it. The new Pennywise has a bit of a wonky eye, so he looked more goofy than scary to me. He was very computer generated. It also looks like parts of it were filmed for 3D. All the child actor's were outstanding, and they really fit A LOT of story from the book into the movie. I'm curious to see if the second part of the movie will have lots of flashbacks of the kids back story or just focus on them as adults.)

In addition to going to the movies, my friend Joy asked if I was going to the 1980s Dance Party at Mohawk Place Friday night ~ a local haunt in downtown Buffalo, NY ~ I said, "I'll go if you go!" and we went. My friends DJ-ed and they played all the hits. They even threw in a Siouxsie and the Banshees song! I was wearing a Siouxsie T shirt, so of course I had to get on the dance floor. Joy and I danced the night away... well until I did the math and figured out how much sleep I could run on the next day for work. I was home by 2am, and at work by 9am the next day, so I thought that was really good.

That Saturday night, after working, I was pooped. Andrew ~ my hubs ~ and I stayed in and watched a movie that I had never seen before... Hocus Pocus (1993). I know, I know, it's a Halloween classic, blah blah. I'm more into blood and guts and less Disney, so I never really got around to watching it. Plus it came out when I was in high school, so I was a little older and not the demographic anyway. With all the promotions for the Hocus Pocus costumes you can buy for Halloween this year, I thought I'd see what the hype was all about. The movie is very dated, and the acting is terrible, BUT it is well written for a kids movie. EXCEPT the black cat dies and changes back into a child. It would have been better if he stayed a cat. I don't need to watch it EVER again, but I'm glad I did.

The next Friday I went out again! (Two in a row might be a record for me. It's hard running a business and working long hours and finding the time for yourself. I'm slowly learning to make time.) I knew I had to go out because my friend Dani would be there and it might be the last time I see her before she moves out of town. A small group of us went to Snake Dance ~ the monthly goth night at a place called The Underground. It's more known for being a gay bar, they have a nice dance floor (when the drunk Whoo-Hoo guy isn't hogging it), but the bathrooms are gross...not in a horror movie way, but in a people being scumbags way. I try to not use them if I can help it. It was nice to dress up, see friends, and listen to great music.

I'm wearing my necklace from the Creeper Crate Coven Box from Sparkle Monster.

We are the weirdos: Meagan, Dani, Jodee & I.

That's what I've been up to for now (in addition to work, oh and I'm also getting my front porch replaced.) Once I'm done reading It I'll have more spare time to blog again. Be sure to follow my updates on the Fluffy facebook page. Thanks for reading!