I'm sitting back on July 4th, thinking about other holidays like Halloween and I realized this year marks the 10th anniversary of one of...

Movie: Trick 'r Treat (2007)

I'm sitting back on July 4th, thinking about other holidays like Halloween and I realized this year marks the 10th anniversary of one of my favorite Halloween movies, Trick 'r Treat (not to be confused with Trick or Treat the heavy metal horror movie from 1986.)

Trick 'r Treat NOT Trick or Treat.

Trick 'r Treat is an anthology film that really pays tribute to Halloween ~ the holiday as we celebrate it today. This is important because some anthologies have segments by different directors that can seem out of place or wedged into a story and don't fit quite right. Trick 'r Treat weaves five story lines together on Halloween night in a small town, there's even a plot twist in the middle. The thread that runs through all the stories is a character named Sam ~ short for Samhain ~ but pronounced as it's spelled, not the traditional way. He's small, like a child, in orange foot-y PJs with a giant round burlap mask/ head, button eyes, sometimes carries a burlap sack, and is known for loving candy and his pumpkin sucker. Seems harmless, right? Kinda reminiscent of a scarecrow, right? Well under his disguise lies a demonic pumpkin that upholds the traditions of Halloween night! He punishes you for doing Halloween wrong. Can you blame him? Halloween is important and should be shown the respect it deserves. (At least, that's how I feel.)


Some things to remember for Halloween or Sam will get you:
1. Keep your jack 'o lantern lit, don't blow it out.
2. Give out candy to trick or treaters.
3. Wear a costume.
4. Check your candy.

Michael Dougherty is the writer, producer, and director of Trick 'r Treat ~ one of the only movies he has worked as all three ~ and before the movie came out, there was a cartoon short called Seasons Greetings with Sam. It's pretty cool. With a great story, and antagonist, Trick 'r Treat gained a cult following and even spawned a graphic novel! It's been rumored by Dougherty that there would be a sequel, possibly even a trilogy, but I think that's still a rumor.

Here's part of the cartoon short Season's Greetings.

Trick 'r Treat graphic novel.

One of the reasons I was originally attracted to this movie is because I have a love of trick or treaters. The idea of kiddos getting dressed up and being something/ someone else, and a neighborhood welcoming strangers in and giving them treats is just so nice. Call me naive, but I really love making up treat bags and seeing all the costumes. I hope that trick or treating sticks around for many years to come, none of this trunk or treat crap. I admit it does have a place, but trunk or treat on different weekends leading up to Halloween, NOT on Halloween night.

I also LOVE scarecrows and feel that they aren't represented enough in horror. Some kids grow up with a stuffed teddy bear or a dolly that they take everywhere with them, well (no surprise) I had a stuffed scarecrow. His name was Scarecrow and he scared away any bad things, and I snuggled with him at night. This might explain why I'm a weirdo. Sure you can find bats, Frankenstein's monster, witches, and ~ more recently moons and ouija boards ~ everywhere BUT bring back the scarecrows! (End rants.)

Here's my buddy Scarecrow.

As side note, I've ordered my first Creeper Crate which I'm sure you'll see me unboxing at the end of July. July's theme is the Slasher Box, but I'm excited to say that October's theme is Trick 'r Treat! I'm so glad other people appreciate this movie as much as I do! Sam keeps the traditions of Halloween alive! Well not really "alive" but...just watch the movie.

Here's the trailer...