I haven't blogged about makeup in a LONG time. The last time was with Winky Lux   in 2019, so after my friend gave me the Kitty Likes to...

Kitty Likes to Scratch Palette Reviewed

I haven't blogged about makeup in a LONG time. The last time was with Winky Lux in 2019, so after my friend gave me the Kitty Likes to Scratch palette from Too Faced, I thought it was time. 

I've never owned a palette from Too Faced before, so I didn't know what to expect. The package says it "smells like a tequila sunrise". I can assure it doesn't smell. If it does, it smells like eye shadow.

The tin is super cute and comes with a mirror inside.

My OCD is going crazy because the first two colors are in a different shaped pan, but after looking at their website all the mini eye shadow palettes are like this on the inside. I guess, it mirrors life ~ be a rectangle among the squares!

The colors look good!

I swatched the colors on my arm without primer. The "Pet Me" color is so light I could use it as concealer (it's the one at the top), but then again I'm pasty.

As usual I tried to do a full makeup look with one palette. What can I say? I like the challenge. Here's the final look in my bathroom.

Of the colors in the palette, three are matte, and five are shimmery. I tend to prefer the shimmery because I find them easier to blend. I used "Pet Me" as a brow highlighter, "Heavy Metal" as a highlighter on my nose and chin, "Groupe" as blush, "Rock of Ages" mixed with chapstick for lips, "Backstage Pass" as a base for my eye shadow, "Hair Band" as my eye crease color, and "Power Ballad" as eyeliner.

Here is everything I used to makeup my face. As you can see I'm not a makeup artist by any means. I decided to get fancy and use some eye lashes I picked up on clearance at Halloween. They are awful, so ignore my eyelashes in the pictures. The band isn't long enough and it's stiff. That's probably why they were on sale. 

I use Bye Bye Foundation from it Cosmetics because of the SPF 50 and they have my color (sometimes it's hard to find a good light match without being too orange, yellow, or dark), NYX eyebrow pencil, and Ulta brow powder (I like the Ulta brand because it doesn't make me break out, but the lids always crack off their packaging), Duo eye lash glue in black for the crappy lashes, some Wet N Wild mascara (this one is my new favorite and it's cheap), a Burt's Bees chapstick that was given to me for Christmas, and two shadow brushes, eye liner brush, and blush brush. That's it. I keep it simple.

Here's a few snaps in natural lighting. Oh BTW this background is my shop Cats Like Us.

Overall Kitty Likes to Scratch is a super neutral palette, unlike the eye shadow names trying to invoke 80s hair metal. I think I'll get the most use out of the color "Hair Band". It's a very shimmery brown. Great for everyday use, but you can also glam it up with a black smoky eye. The colors go on smooth and stay in place. I recommend it.

If you're wondering my pin was also a gift (I have the most generous thoughtful friends), it's from VincaUSA this particular brooch is no longer available, but they have lots of cute cat jewelry!

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Thanks for reading. Feeling sexy, might delete later.