My first introduction to horror movies that I can remember is watching the original Nightmare on Elm St . I was never allowed to subscribe t...

My Dream Man & Never Sleep Again Palette

My first introduction to horror movies that I can remember is watching the original Nightmare on Elm St. I was never allowed to subscribe to Fangoria (more on that here) but my parents did allow me to watch any movie I wanted. My mom always said, "I'd rather have you learn from a movie than in real life." Looking back on this statement, that's bad parenting, but at the time I was the cool kid that told all my friends about the latest and greatest horror movies. We rented the Nightmare on Elm St. VHS from the neighborhood video store as soon as it came out and watched it as a family. I was hooked on horror from this point on.

That night I heard my mom get up to go to the bathroom, it was probably about 2 am, and I followed her. I was worried that Freddy would come through the wall above my bed. She didn't know I was up and I waited outside the bathroom for her until she was done. She opened the door and I think I scared the bejesus out of her. I was promptly tucked back into bed and told if I couldn't handle horror movies then we wouldn't rent them anymore. After that I conquered my fear because I never wanted to live a life without watching all the blood and gore.

Fast forward. It's the 35th anniversary of Nightmare on Elm St. I own all the DVDs (but not the remake, we don't talk about that.) I bought the Never Sleep Again Palette from Hot Topic in celebration. I've heard mixed reviews about their eye shadow and was drawn in by the packaging. Currently it's out of stock, but it did have a five star review!

This palette opens to the left, which is a little odd. I thought it was a defect, but then I looked again on the website and it was correct. The colors are both matte and metallic. I like the metallic ones because they are easier to blend, but these mattes are nice too and highly pigmented. The "Sweet Dreams" color completely disappears on me, I'm very fair (I'd say the fairest in the land 😉), so I used it as a highlighter. Note that I didn't use a primer on my arm.

As with some of the other palettes I've reviewed (Lunatick Cosmetic's Elvira Palette, Sugarpill's Feline Fancy Palette, Wet & Wild's Goth-O-Graphic Set) I'll only use the palette for my full face look. (I like the challenge.) I'll tell you if I needed to use anything else.

 Naked face.

I usually start with a moisturizer and my standard liquid foundation. For color I began with the matte blacks "Slash" and "Don't Fall Asleep" for my eye brows and "Burned Alive" for blush. It's a great bronze-y metallic shade.

Next I added "Dream Realm" blue on the outer crease of my eyes, "Incinerator" metallic gray for the lid and inner corner, and "Elm Street" for the center lid. I'm loving this color because it matches my new hair!

Last but not least, I added "Sweet Dreams" as a highlighter on my nose and cheeks, used "Blood Bath" as a top coat over chapstick, which turns it a nice brown-red, and threw on some fake lashes. I'm good to go!

Overall this palette has some great pigments that are easy to blend and I like all the shades. My only complaint would be that these pressed shadows are flakey. If you use a brush to apply any of them, I'd suggest dampening it first so it doesn't end up all over.

Thanks for reading about my soft spot for Freddy, and watch me play with makeup! Until next time friends, don't fall asleep....just kidding, sleep is really important for a healthy lifestyle.