I'm a sucker for makeup packaging. I've blogged about this problem before: ~Feline Fancy Palette from SugarPill ~Elvira Palett...

Wet & Wild's Goth-O-Graphic Makeup!

I'm a sucker for makeup packaging. I've blogged about this problem before:

~Feline Fancy Palette from SugarPill

~Elvira Palette from Lunatick Cosmetics

I saw that Wet & Wild was coming out with a limited edition Goth-O-Graphic Spring Collection and I had to have it ~ there's skulls. I've been using Wet & Wild for years and I rediscovered them when I forgot to pack a red lipstick on a road trip. Their Stoplight Red has saved me on more than one occasion. It's part of the MegaLast Lipstick line and it's no joke, it stays on all day! Bonus they are a Cruelty Free Brand. I feel like their products have improved so much over the years and I can't wait to see what else they come out with.

I marked my calendar and bought the Goth-O-Graphic Collection online the day it came out. It's sold out now, but you can buy the pieces separately online and some friends have found them in their local drug stores. Check out this box design!!!

Included is:

 MegaGlo Loose Highlighting Powder, the hidden skull inside is so cute.

Hell-o Darkness Highlighting Stick, Purple Ashes & White Raven Highlighting Powder. You can hardly see them on me, and I used a primer. That's what I get for being translucent colored. They show up better in the makeup-of-the-day picture near the end of the blog.

MegaLast CatSuit Lipstick: Death to Unicorns, Gunmetal Heart, Pastel Grunge, & Wicked Pink. They are a liquid lipstick with a curved wand that I love. (It's called "CatSuit" tehe.)

Metallic Liquid Gel Liner: Skull Prayer, Pink Coffin, Black Butterfly. This eye liner has a tiny brush that I hate. I have better luck with felt tip pen eye liners, but I like these colors, so I'll try them out. I need to practice more.

Liquid CatSuit Liquid Eye Shadow: Pure Intension, Mystic Dreamer, Goth Tears, & Nyctophilia. I will admit the liquid eye shadow feels weird at first, but once it dries, it gives a great shimmer. These are my fav part of the box. (More "CatSuit"!)

I went to a tiki party the other day and decided to be glam and experiment with my new makeup! 

Here's what I used, most of it is from the Goth-O-Graphic Set. 

The Mega Cushion Foundation from Wet & Wild is just what I've been looking for, it goes on light, works well for layering, has SPF 15, and stays put, the H2O Proof Black Eye Liner is from Wet & Wild too, I used it to even out the black glue/ liner when I wear fake lashes. The mascara is Physicians Formula Ultra Black from their Cat Eye Collection, and I layered the liquid shadow over MAC Deep Truth eye shadow.

Here's what it looked like inside...

I was shining like a diamond! I call this look "galaxy eyes". Lashes are Ardell 105 and I used black Duo glue. Eyebrows are a random brown eye shadow I had.

Here's what it looked like in natural lighting, no filters. It's hard to capture the highlighter because I'm so pale, but it does show up I swear.

And they say old wrinkly gals shouldn't wear highlighter! Damn those people and wear what makes you happy! 


  1. That eye makeup is stunning! The whole palette is cool but seeing those colours on is just awesome.

    1. Thank you! I'm going to try layering the lipsticks too. I think these colors really give SO MUCH dimension to the whole look. I'll be experimenting a lot. hahaha.

  2. Your makeup did look on point Sunday!

  3. Your makeup did look on point Sunday!