I don't remember the first time I ever saw Elvira aka Cassandra Peterson, but I'm sure it was in the early 1980s on TV. As a kid, I ...

My First Girl Crush

I don't remember the first time I ever saw Elvira aka Cassandra Peterson, but I'm sure it was in the early 1980s on TV. As a kid, I thought, she looks sexy in her low-cut dress, is incredibly funny, and loves horror movies! I wanted to be her when I grew up. Even in my ALL girls Catholic High School (believe it or not, I went to one of those) I had a picture of her on my art portfolio. The other girls thought I was weird. But little did they know ~ it was a test. If you didn't know who Elvira is, I simply couldn't relate to you.

So let's talk about Elvira: Mistress of the Dark's style. She keeps the "must have" classics in mind...the LBD, heels, big hair and leopard print everything as her signature look, and really shouldn't every gal's wardrobe include some OR all of these things?!

Her makeup is always on point, literally. It's so sharp she can stab you with it. Her cat eye is winged out to purrrfection and her red lips are to DIE FOR. So naturally when I saw that Lunatick Cosmetics came out with an Elvira makeup palette, it had to be mine. OH yes. It's a limited edition coffin shaped compact with pigments made for a horror hostess. I've never ordered anything from this company before, but I wasn't disappointed. Even the packaging alone is GORE-geous. You guys, it's a pop-up spiderweb and candelabra!

So I'm no makeup artist by any means, but here's my attempt at using all the colors in the palette in the order that they are shown, without any other makeup ~ except a tiny bit of cover up and chapstick. I know I look nothing like her, but if you squint really hard...nevermind. I look more like a drag queen or the chick from black swan. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. 😉 The eyeliner points are hard to define without a liquid eyeliner. The red I used over chapstick and it's more shimmery than the picture. So my question is when is Elvira coming out with her line of eyeliners and lipstick? I would need all of them.

You can find the palette here: Elvira Palette

I've always loved Elvira's delivery. More often than not, the movies she's hosting are bad, even for B movies. So during the breaks she really just says what's on the audiences mind, all while cracking jokes and making the best eye rolling faces. I like how real she is. Yeah, yeah I know big fake wig and all, but she's actually very nice. I met her once at Viva Las Vegas. It was at the car show and hotter than hell out that day. I was the first in line. She told me she liked my hearse dress and to put on more sunscreen. I was so sweaty my cheek stuck to her "hair". It's not a very good picture but the memory of meeting her is great. I'm still fan girling over it 7 years later.

Isn't it sad how in this day and age women still have a hard time being considered BOTH sexy and funny? Heaven forbid. We can't have that. But that's a discussion for a different day.

Unpleasant Dreams everyone.


  1. Love it! You're makeup looks great!!! And I love the pic of you getting to meet her. I got to meet her once at a comic convention. She is so incredibly quick witted and funny and just overall wonderful! <3

  2. Elvira was my first crush too! I always think of this one Halloween where there was a HUGE Elvira cut out at the grocery store- she was shilling Bud Light. I was mesmerized by her boobs.

  3. Yes, she has great boobs! I'm always in awe of how good she looks. She really might be a vampire.