Every day since Feb 5 ~ the day my cat Ginger died  ~ I've cried about her loss. I AM a crazy cat lady, but maybe I was only crazy fo...

Signs From Pets in the Afterlife: A Book


Every day since Feb 5 ~ the day my cat Ginger died ~ I've cried about her loss. I AM a crazy cat lady, but maybe I was only crazy for Ginger? She was my best friend and the love of my life. I feel cat-less and empty. Sure there's Vicktor, but he's just as indifferent to me as he was to her.

I'm coping the only way I know how, writing about her, making a shrine to her in my house (which I'll share when it's done), and reading. This week I read Signs From Pets in the Afterlife by Lyn Ragan. I'm by no means hippy drippy, but I do believe there's more out there than just our physical form. I'm not religious, but I try to be spiritual.  

The weirdest thing happened a couple weeks ago. It's was a Saturday morning and Andrew ~ the hubs ~ and I were driving in to work at my shop Cats Like Us . We left the house and the lights on my car were flashing in the driveway, like I had left the hazards on over night. When I sat in my car, I saw the button wasn't pushed in to turn them on, but I couldn't turn them off for a few minutes. I checked my blinker lights and they worked fine, but the flashers were not turning off and I never left them on. Then they just turned off by themselves. I know my car is old (2009 PT Cruiser), but that was an oddball occurrence. Let me interject here that flickering lights have followed me my whole life. From street lamps flickering, lamps, overhead lights, sometimes new bulbs just burning out, etc. I honestly think it was Ginger trying to communicate with me. Of course, it's easier to believe if you want to believe it.

Since the weather has turned nice, I've been taking walks and seeing white feathers on the ground. I think it's Ginger too. She was light as a feather and her favorite toy was a feather wand, and I'm going to take it as a sign. This book says white feathers are trying to show you that your angel is with you. She will always be with me.  

This book is basically an index of all the things you might come across that could be afterlife signs, from dreams, seeing certain animals, or consecutive numbers etc. There are stories from real people along with translations of the signs and messages. The signs are pretty much the same for people that have passed too. So I guess the generic answer is to just be aware, take everything as a sign, and thank the spirit for showing you. (Note that this book doesn't cover electronics or flashing lights.)

I want to also thank everyone that has donated to the SPCA Serving Erie County on behalf of Ginger. It means a lot to me and I'm sure the animals in need too.