Tuesday, July 16, 2019

My Kitty Face with Winky Lux

It comes as no surprise that I'm a sucker for makeup packaging, especially if there's a cat involved. I was placing an Ulta makeup order and saw they now carry the brand Winky Lux, and even have a Winky Lux Kitty Glam Kit! Winky Lux is known for their Flower Balms. The balms look like clear lipsticks with real flowers set into them, in a pill shaped tube. I admit, I was as curious as a kitty to try them! I ordered the set that included a Pink Flower Balm and Radiant Pink Highlighter.

They come in a tabby kitty pouch.

Both pieces are boxed inside, and look at the ditzy floral liner!

The set.

The compact is pretty and the pill shaped lipstick holder I find hard to hold, 
but I'm sure that's just me.

Inside the compact is a cream. They described it as a "highlighter and blush in one". I have to say it's much too light to be a blush, even for a pale person like me. It works better as a highlighter and is super easy to apply.

You can hardly see them on my skin, 
but the top is the lip balm in Pink and the bottom is Radiant Pink Highlighter.

The balm goes on clear and mixes with your pH to turn into your perfect shade of pink.  It is very smooth to apply and it did turn into a nice shade of pink. I tried to take a picture of the chrysanthemum inside, but I'll just share a picture from their website because you can see it better.

I took a picture of both products on my face, but they are so subtle it's hard to see. Here's an indoor and outside shot. I applied the highlighter to right above my cheek bones, a little on my forehead and the tip of my nose and the lipstick is on without a primer or liner.

Both are super subtle and great for everyday wear. I can understand why Winky Lux is popular. The light colors are perfect if you are buying a gift for someone too. Since the Lip Balms match your pH, you can't go wrong with color! I plan to add these to my everyday makeup routine.

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