Andrew ~ the hubs ~ and I haven't taken a real vacation in about two years, so we planned a getaway for the week of July 4. We've ne...

Cat Con 2019

Andrew ~ the hubs ~ and I haven't taken a real vacation in about two years, so we planned a getaway for the week of July 4. We've never been to California and always wanted to go. We planned a trip to Los Angeles and Anaheim. Then we heard Cat Con was being held not too far away in Pasadena the same weekend we were going to be in town! What is Cat Con you might ask? Exactly what you think it is! A convention for cat lovers. (Hey, that's me!)

(p.s. I'm wearing a Cats Like Us T shirt that can be found here.)

In it's fifth year, they've helped 500+ cats find their forever homes and donated over $190,000 to cat organizations. There's vendors, meet and greets with celebrity cats, an adoption area, free swag, seminars, and new this year an immersive room! Some of the vendors we already work with through my shop Cats Like Us, but it was nice to meet new ones, meet people we've only communicated with via emails, and see old friends.  As for the meet and greets, I already met Lil Bub in Buffalo, and she's the only cat I ever really wanted to meet. We couldn't adopt a cat because we are traveling (and Ginger and Vicktor wouldn't like a new surprise sibling either). Some of the swag we couldn't take because we were traveling. Um wet cat food would have to go in my liquids baggie in my carry-on luggage and that wasn't going to happen. BUT we did take advantage of the interactive room and all the shopping opportunities!!!

Here's me & Kelly (MsFormaldehyde) I had to buy this kitty headband from her!

So many cat pics everywhere!

The walk-through interactive room was called Purradise City and sponsored by Temptations cat treats.  It was divided up into different themed photo spots with some educational history on cats. It was crowded, but we snuck some shots in!

The vendors were a good combination of things. I didn't see many duplicated products, everyone had a little something different for everyone. Products ranged from things for your cat like litter, food, scratching houses to small etsy shops selling cat jewelry, T shirts, and books. It was great to see them all in one place! I think my haul was substantial.

Cat Headband, blood splattered cat ears & an Amazing Acrocats patch for my jacket. 
All from MsFormaldehyde.

Purrl Grey patch from Pink Owlet. I LOVE tea and cats... and horror movies.

We bought a cat card game called Cantankerous Cats along with loose catnip teas for me! AND they threw in a free mousie toy for our cats.

I had to stop at the Cat Coven booth. I bought the leggings to match my T shirt. I've written about them before and have several Ts including last years Halloween limited edition style.

If you're not familiar with Kittees, you should be! I've worked with the owner for years. She made the T on the left and the one on the right is from Arm the Animals. They give back to all kinds of animals and I'm happy to support them. (Also My kitty Ginger has a lot to say about you!)

This event is Purrrfect for any cat lover and I highly recommend it.


  1. HOLY SMOKES!!! CatCon?!? That has your name written all over it. You look absolutely purrrr-fect! ;)

    1. I'm just seeing this now. Lol. It was a wonderful time.

  2. YAY love this so much! You are too damn cute