Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Movie: Green Room (2015)

I kept hearing inklings that if you like punk music you'll like the movie Green Room. It's streaming on Netflix, so I decided to give it a go. After all Patrick Stewart is in it, so it can't be THAT bad, right? OR should I say "Alt-right"? Wrong.

***Spoiler Alert***

You get thrown right into the story at the beginning, it follows a poor punk band that's on the road. They are touring and end up booking a gig with some "skins".

One of the band members accidentally walks into a crime scene in the green room and calls the cops. The neo-Nazis find out he's seen too much and the band becomes their next target. They use pit bulls and guns to try and take out each band member over the course of an hour and a half. I was hoping for a slow-motion prepping-for-the-fight survival montage. I didn't get it. OR epic death sequences, but there wasn't any.

The movie is too damn long AND why does Patrick Stewart play the head of the bad guys?! The politics of why they attack is convoluted. I was hoping for a supernatural twist like zombies or vampires. A little disappointed with this one. Not sure why it's rated so high. I give this movie one flight jacket out of five (and it should be black with a giant cat patch on the back.)

Here's the trailer, it looks so much better than the movie...

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