Sunday, March 19, 2017

Horror Magazines are Dying (pun intended)

Every year as a kid I would write out my Christmas List and every year a Fangoria Magazine subscription was on it. I would go to the mall and my mom would drop me off at Walden Books where I would stand there and read Fangoria from cover to cover while she shopped. And the answer is nope, Santa never gifted me a Fangoria, not one single copy. (Insert sad monster face here.)

As an adult I like reading books and magazines ~ the tangible books and magazines, not something I have to read on a screen (although if you are reading this, I appreciate it). So here I am writing about my interests that include creepy crawlies and I thought it's WAY past due, but I'm going to subscribe to Fangoria. Well I have news for you kiddos, they don't have a magazine anymore! Not in the way my 10 year old self had hoped. There's an official statement from Fangoria, it was just posted last month about them dissolving their print issues. You can read it here. What a bummer for me. I really should have subscribed sooner. I blame Santa.

There's also Rue Morgue Magazine from our neighbors in Canada, which I started subscribing to when my shop Cats Like Us began advertising with them a few years ago. (We sell retro/ rockabilly clothes and accessories but that often includes universal monsters and everything with a skull.) Rue Morgue would send out a monthly issue, except for February, and recently they announced changing that to every other month. (Insert - adult - sad monster face here.)

Cats Like Us Ad in Rue Morgue Feb 2105

So when my subscription to Rue Morgue was up last month, I looked into renewing and decided to join the Horror Block monthly subscription instead. Horror Block is a mail order service that sends out a box with horror themed pop culture items including Rue Morgue Magazine. So I really haven't given up yet. All I can say is this Horror Block box better be good! This month's block theme is Evil Dead and Vampirella, that's a great start. I'll let you know how the box is once I receive it. *wink* Do you subscribe to any horror related things?


  1. Wow! That's sad about Fangoria magazine! I remember being both scared and so fascinated by that magazine looking over (or more like under) my dad's shoulder as he thumbed through it every month throughout so many years of my childhood. Sad to hear they won't have a paper magazine anymore.

    1. I was very surprised. But I should be getting the Horror Block soon, so I'll be sure to let everyone know how it is!