Thursday, August 31, 2017


This is just a short blog about some of the weird and interesting cat things we found antiquing or what I like to call "CAT-iqu-ing." As a crazy cat lady, there's a lot of cat things out there, but I can't own them all. I end up picking the ones that speak/ meow to me. We have a room in our house fittingly called The Cat Room and it houses our odd cat collectibles.  Here's some of the things that came home with us.... 

Black cat pin cushion/ measuring tape. I inherited this same cat from my gram, but it's in rough shape, I've never seen another one out in the wild, so I had to get it.

Creepy cat family with sad eyed cat. What can I say? I wanted to give these kitties a home and make them happy! (The price was right too.)

Random assortment of kitties.

Sometimes I just like their faces.

I'm a sucker for the mid-century modern tilted head cats.

This skinny guy I thought was wood, but he's more of a resin. How can you resist his little tongue?! 

I really need to get more shelves in The Cat Room! I have a small collection of Black Redware Shafford Cats and imitation Shaffords. I don't really care about them being name brand or vintage, they just have to make me happy. I'm a proud crazy cat lady.

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