Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Cat About Town: A Cat Cafe Mystery

Cats are surrounded with an air of mystery, so it makes sense that there are so many mystery books involving cats. I remember as a young adult reading all "The Cat Who books" by Lillian Braun, or at least that's what I used to call them. They were a series of clever and quick reads, so I decided I wanted to get back into reading novels with cat characters in them.

I heard about a new book called Cat About Town: A Cat Cafe Mystery by Cate Conte that's the start of a new cat mystery series. It just came out this year and I decided to delve back into cat mysteries. I have to say it's a light read, most of the chapters are no longer than 10 pages, so you can put it down and pick it up easily.

The story is about a business owner (I can totally relate) named Maddie that goes home to Massachusetts because her grandmother dies. She visits with family and friends and in the process makes a new companion in a friendly orange cat that she names JJ (for John James Audubon). JJ leads her to discover a dead body of the town bully at a neighborhood event. She begins an investigation of her own with the help of JJ and her best friend, and even finds a little romance along the way! There's lots of suspects in this small town and it's a true who dunnit story. In the end you find out the culprit and it's left open ended for a continuation of JJ and Maddie's story.

While this book isn't my normal go-to of blood and guts, it's a light summer read that makes you love the character of JJ. I recommend reading it with a cat on your lap.

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