Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Movie: Keanu (2016)

Just because I love horror movies, doesn't mean I won't watch a comedy....ok, well I'm more likely to watch it if there's a cat in it. I can't tell you how elated I was when I saw the preview for Keanu a few years ago. Duh, of course, I saw it opening weekend! I just recently re-watched it and I still love little Keanu!

***Warning spoilers ahead...

The basic plot line is that Keanu, a tiny tabby kitten, starts off as a gangster pet ~ this shows that even killers can't resist the cuteness of a kitten ~ well there's a shoot out and Keanu ends up on the doorstep of slacker Rell, played by Jordan Peele, who just had a rough breakup. This tiny kitten inspires Rell and gets him working again. In the meantime, Rell plans a guys weekend with his cousin Clarence, played by Keegan- Michael Key. While the duo are at a movie, Rell's apartment gets broken into by thugs and Keanu is the only thing stolen. They get involved with gangbangers to find the little guy and comedy ensues.

In the end, the gang they are working with bonds, and they learn how to trust and rely on each other. Clarence finally feels like he belongs to a group of friends, Rell gets Keanu, and there's a happy ending.

Keanu is the cutest kitten ever, next to my little Ginger of course. He saves Rell at least three times in the movie! Rell spoils him and even creates a movie calendar with him. It's adorable.

I was suprised at how little CGI was used. I thought they would play off the movie being a comedy and have a goofy fake kitten, but nope this Keanu is real!  Everytime you hear his tiny meow, your heart will melt into a puddle.

Uncensored Trailer...

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