Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Movie: Get Out (2017)

***Minor spoilers ahead, but not really....

I've been meaning to watch the movie Get Out, the directorial debut from Jordan Peele who also wrote and produced Keanu. I really wasn't sure what to expect, I kept hearing it's a "horror/ comedy" with social commentary. After watching it, I don't think it's a comedy at all because racism isn't funny. I think the main character's best friend in the movie is meant to be funny, but honestly he is just saying what I would be thinking if it was happening to my friend. This is an intelligent horror movie for this day and age, with dialogue that's made to make you feel uncomfortable, but also think about why people in the movie act a certain way. To me it had a Stepford Wives (the book) vibe. Just like the main character in the book, the main character in Get Out is a photographer, the suburbanites act robotic and out of character ~ too over-the-top nice, AND no one validates the protagonist's concern that things seem "off". That being said, I predicted the storyline in the first 20 minutes. The acting is great, and the movie maintains an unsettling feeling throughout. In the end, there is very little gore shown, because this isn't really a slasher film, but more of psychological horror. Get Out has praise for certain African-Americans having gifts superior to some Caucasian people, but in the end those black people are still being prejudiced against to the point of being enslaved for it. The movie finishes on a high note, and I look forward to seeing what else Jordan Peele has up his sleeve.

This trailer pretty much has the whole movie in it...

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