Ok, I've been laying low because of all the chaos that's going on in the world right now with COVID-19. We are truly living in a rea...

COVID-19 & Movie: In Fabric (2019)

Ok, I've been laying low because of all the chaos that's going on in the world right now with COVID-19. We are truly living in a real life horror movie, that being said I've had to close my storefront Cats Like Us and get to posting every single thing we have in our stockroom on our website catslikeus.com so customers can continue to shop and we can have money coming in. It's not a perfect situation, but it'll have to do for now. That means I've been busier than normal behind the scenes running my business, so forgive me for not blogging more! I hope all of you are well and taking precautions.💓

Last night I had a chance to watch a movie I've been meaning to see...In Fabric (2019). I always said that if I ever wrote a horror movie, I would write about what I know ~ clothing retail. This movie is about a killer dress...and by "killer" I don't mean fabulous, I mean it actually kills people!


In short, the movie follows a cursed red dress that travels from person to person.

What I found interesting was the store, Dently and Soper, that sells the dress and it's proprietors. They are dressed in outfits inspired by turn of the century full mourning dresses, speak in riddles, wear wigs, practice cult-like rituals on their creepy anatomically correct-ish mannequins, and that instead of a fitting room they have "The Transformation Sphere". Are the workers part of a cult? Not sure, but they are definitely eccentric. Do they control the dress? Also, not sure. But one thing I do know, if you wear the clothing you sell at work, you are more likely to sell it. They ~ in no way ~ wear what they sell. It's so out of place among the ho-hum customers, the juxtaposition becomes funny. The customers are complete savages though, crowded at the shop doors waiting for them to open...daily. (Ok, I admit, I'm a bit jealous of that. Maybe I should start a cult and more people would come to my shop? Yes? No?)

The red dress is very pretty, flattering on everyone that wears it, it's completely indestructible, slinks around on it's own, floats in the air, "watches" you sleep, and spontaneously combusts. All that from a LRD! (Little Red Dress)

I won't give much more away except that the dress is worn by three people in the movie and the same thing happens to all of them, but be sure to watch it until the end. Then ask yourself, are they in hell now? Or was their life on earth hell?

The visuals and soundtrack are what interest me too. Vintage fashion ads interspersed between creepy mannequins with no eyes, the odd storefront, and the red fabric. The flowing red fabric is reminiscent of David Lynch movies and the psychedelic swirls and colors, eroticism, abstract piano notes and synthesizer soundtrack, and directing have a bit of a throw back to the gaillo films. Overall I give it four mannequins out of five for weirdness. I like weird.

Here's the trailer...