Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Cat Video Fest 2020

I had such a great time at Cat Video Fest 2019, I was keeping track this year to make sure I didn't miss Cat Video Fest 2020! It was held again at the historic North Park Theater in Buffalo, NY. I went with my friend Andrea and we went early to visit with the Ten Lives Club cats that were up for adoption in the lobby.

Meow playing! (p.s. my cat hat is from Lumpy Buttons.)

100 Year Restoration of the North Park Theater! It is really IS historic!

A kitty striking a pose in the sun.

The cat fest is a wonderful light-hearted and fun film that combines popular viral cat videos into a movie. It has educational parts as well as funny, and appeals to a wide audience. There was lots of kids with parents when we went. (No, I didn't murder any of them. How could I? They're potential crazy cat people!)

The movie featured a lot of the kitties we know and love and even some new ones like the dynamic duo of Cole and Marmalade, sweetie Juno the Blind Cat, the cartoon Simon's Cat, and Halloween costume shopping with One Eared Uno. There was a tribute to Lil Bub too! I admit, I teared up.

But the best part was in the beginning when they featured a video of local cats and my Vicktor and Ginger were included! I submitted this video of giant Vicktor kneading little Ginger. My cats are famous! (Well, not really, but I like to think they are.)

The Cat Video Fest raises awareness of cat organizations in need and a percentage of the ticket sales go towards local animal shelters and cat welfare organizations. So if you are able to see it, I highly recommend! Here's the trailer...

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