Well, the end is here. I started watching Supernatural when I started blogging almost four years ago. It's been with me since Fluffy...

I'm Not Afraid of Commitment (The Supernatural Chronicles): Part 10

Well, the end is here. I started watching Supernatural when I started blogging almost four years ago. It's been with me since Fluffy's beginning, and it's fitting that we said Goodbye to Ginger this week AND the Winchesters. She loved Sam and sitting with me to watch Supernatural. This last part of the 15th season is 7 episodes. I was hoping for Crowley's return, one last glimpse of Rowena, or even a happy ending for Dean with Lisa and Ben. Nope. We got none of that.

Little Ginger with her Sam doll.

In summary....The beginning of this second part has a lot of pop culture references to Scooby Doo, Highway to Heaven, Baby Yoda, Knight Rider, and Goonies. It makes it a little lighter because if you recall Jack is being mentored by Death/ Billie to kill God/ Chuck and knows in doing so he is going to die too. He's a da bomb ~ no literally ~ he's going to blow up. Sam and Dean try to recruit Amara to work with them in killing her brother God/ Chuck. She does help them keep him captive. 

Death/ Billie.

They find out Death/ Billie wants to become the "new God" and return things to the proper order. That means the dead stay dead and anyone that has been resurrected will go back to being dead. i.e. Sam, Dean and many of the people they spent their lives saving. That's really not good. Hunters and friends start disappearing and they blame Death/ Billie, only it's really God/ Chuck making everyone disappear, until the only people left are Sam, Dean, and Jack. 

Jack gets sent to the "empty" to explode so he doesn't hurt anyone on earth. We find out Cas made a deal with the "empty" to return when he finds true happiness. His love of his family on earth has made him truly happy. Cas and Death/ Billie get sucked into the "empty". They are gone forever. Jack is back on earth.

Jack feels a presence that's still alive and it's a dog, that looks like my old dog I had growing up. They also find Michael. God/ Chuck brings back Satan, Michael kills Satan, God kills Michael, and God beats up Sam and Dean. Are you with me so far? Meanwhile Jack is absorbing tons of power along the way from God/ Chuck, so much so that God/ Chuck ends up without any power and is made human again, Jack becomes the new God and repopulates the world, and works in harmony with Amara.

Jack as the new God is his signature jean jacket, now white.

The last episode brings the show full circle. I'd say if you only want to watch one episode of these last 7, watch this one. Season 15 Episode 20 "Carry On". Dean gets to keep the dog, there's pie, the Winchester's dads journal is brought out, an old vamp from the first season is brought back. Sam and Dean do their vamp nest hunting routine and Dean quietly gets impaled and dies leaving Sam to "carry on". Dean goes to heaven where he's reunited with Bobby and we see time pass very quickly on earth. Sam has a son named Dean, but does he marry Eileen?! We don't know. Then Sam dies and is reunited with Dean in heaven.

Doggo named Miracle and Dean.

That's pretty much all of it in a nutshell. There's a lot of development in Dean's character leading up to his death, he becomes more sensitive and really gets in touch with his emotions. He's not just comedy relief with hard edges anymore, and Sam gets the family he always wanted. 

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