Last year I sponsored a kickstarter for a documentary about iconic 1980s horror movies called In Search of Darkness . I received a digital a...

Movie: In Search of Darkness (2019)

Last year I sponsored a kickstarter for a documentary about iconic 1980s horror movies called In Search of Darkness. I received a digital and DVD copy and decided to watch it. You have to really like 80s horror and documentaries since it's about 4.5 hours long! Honestly it's really not a problem for me, especially since this movie is peppered with famous horror movie actors, directors, writers trailers, and behind the scenes...AND Elvira is in it!

(See this picture. I'm that Gen X kid that had to entertain themselves, parked in front of the TV for hours absorbing all the horror I possibly can.)

This movie follows the decade year by year interviewing people about their involvement in certain iconic movies, discussing the elaborate and inventive horror movies of the 1980s. It also highlights how horror movies can be a coping mechanism for dealing with real life, the thrill of finally being able to buy and curate your movie selection because of VHS tapes, how influential the VHS cover art was, the practical special effects, how horror dipped it's toes in 3D, the horror villain franchise, the rise of the scream queen or final girl, the soundtracks, the dedicated and inclusive fandoms and MORE!

Yes it covers the expected Fri the 13ths and Halloweens, and they mentioned a couple movies I always meant to see and forgot about. I can now say that they've been added to the elusive "list" that I have of things I'll eventually watch. (Seriously though, I do have a list.)

Some movies that I was surprised to see included in this "iconic" list are Fade to Black, Full Moon High, Q: The Winged Serpent, Dolls, and 976 Evil. I am glad that they included the Troma Films too. Once you see any of those, they stick with you like slime.

It'll be interesting to see where contemporary horror movies develop in terms of story lines. The 1980s seemed to be rich with innovative new ideas and lately movies seem to be lazy with remakes. The horror community is hungry for original ideas. Anything new is exciting and welcomed with open arms, because of the fact it's different! (At least that's how I feel.)

The other thing to think about is VHS tapes. They are destroyed and lost. So many B horror movies are not being transferred to a new medium and shared. So many stories will be forgotten. I give it 5 out of 5 Be Kind Rewind stickers. Also I don't know how they made it only 4.5 hours. It could easily be 10!

Here's the trailer...

I was so excited to see my name in the credits!!! (I'm a super dork.)

Currently the same collaborators are collecting money through a kickstarter for a 1980s Sci Fi version called In Search of Tomorrow. You can find information about donating here.