Monday, May 4, 2020

Pussweek ~ the Magazine for Cats by Cats!

I discovered Pussweek when I went for a visit to the Buckminster Cat Cafe a couple months ago. I just had to know more about this thoughtfully laid out cat magazine! A magazine written by cats for cats?! I was intrigued and ordered the Deluxe Pack that comes with seven magazines, a small poster, magnet, two stickers, holiday cards, and a bow tie. I just had to have it all!

I'll just start by saying the box came packaged beautifully. If you you've ever seen me unbox makeup or subscription boxes in my other blogs you know I really appreciate packaging.

This magazine puts a smile on my face in these uncertain times. 

It really gets in and asks the important questions...

They even featured my girl Lil Bub on one of the covers!

It's very funny and the pictures are high quality. Did I mention there's a centerfold?! Scandalous!

I tried to put the bow tie on little Ginger
but she was not about to pose, and in true cat form 
she just fell asleep.

I don't think she likes the magazine as much as I do. Oh well, so much for a cat magazine for cats.

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