My curiosity got the best of me when I saw Netflix made a movie called #cats_the_mewvie . It's not my style to care about Instagram ce...

Movie: #cats_the_mewvie (2020)

My curiosity got the best of me when I saw Netflix made a movie called #cats_the_mewvie. It's not my style to care about Instagram celebrities, but this movie is about celebrity cats, so of course, I'm in!

The movie ~ or should I say mewvie ~ is a documentary interviewing famous cats and their owners, but also talking to social media experts and how cats have become the "happy" part of the internet.

It shows Mike, Lil Bub's owner, who I met in real life and he's a super cool guy. He talks about how Bub is an inspiration ~ or should I say inspurration ~ with her determination and challenges. She was only supposed to live a couple of months, but ended up living seven years! She was the first cat born with her rare disease, and she was studied to help doctors learn more about how it also effects people born with it. Her meet and greets and merchandise helped raise a lot of money for disabled cats too! How great is that?! Cats can be more than just models for cute pictures, they can have a purpose too ~ or should I say purrpose? Good job Bub, R.I.P.

I cherish this picture so much, it lives on my desktop at work.

The movie spends a lot of time with the catsofinstagram creators, who are kind of annoying. They keep saying how "weird" their cat Pudge is. Yes, THAT Pudge, the famous cat. Of course, Pudge is well known because she's owned by the creators of catsofinstagram, and they are constantly promoting her, and the latest cat trends. (Which quite honestly I don't understand "cat trends", cats are cats.) I found it odd the way they talked about Pudge, I guess I just have a special bond with my cats, and I don't think they are weird at all. I get my cats and they get me. Maybe Pudge doesn't want to be in the spotlight.

Adorable Pudge.

Other experts on famous cats they spoke with were the curator from the Museum of the Moving Image and how he organized an exhibition in 2015 called How Cats Took Over the Internet. I wish I could have been there for that! The movie also recognizes the "meme librarian" from tumblr that works for the page Boys with Beards and Cats, and that literally is all that's on her page, bearded guys with cats. They quickly talk to the creator of the Infinite Cat Project, how viral cat memes took over the internet in 2004, the lol speak of cats, the editor for the Animal section on Buzzfeed, a talent agent for "pet influencers", and the kittenlady. I adore the kitten lady because she's all about educating people on cats and kittens. I've been following her for a long time ~ or should I say fur a long time? She even writes books!

The movie delves into the social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram too. YouTube was created to transcends language with videos that can be taken with your phone. In 2010 Instagram was launched and cat owners now have a time to shine and show off their cats. Cat owners are relatable, and people are excited about posting their cats. It's as simple as that. All cats are beautiful, but of course their owners think they are extra special and can breakthrough to become the world's most popular cat, but it's not that simple. It's kind of sad and what Mike says at the end of the movie makes sense. So many cat owners want to make their cats famous, but is it good for the cat? Not always. Now we are in the next generation of Instagram cats and it seems your cat has to have a quirk to make it stand out since there are so many cats online. You need to have a defined brand and it takes a ton of time to photograph cats and edit the pictures. It has become work.

They interview owners that seem almost desperate to make their cats famous, like fatcathercules (who is a cute chonky boi) and RuPaws Drag Race. I'm sure after this movie, the publicity ~ or should I say purrplicity ~ should help!

Fat Cat Hercules and his 27 lbs.

Some of the other cats featured are Nala, Oscar & Klaus, Suki the Adventure Cat, Monty Happiness, Homer the Blind Wonder Cat, benbencatcat, Atchoum, Nathan the Beach Cat and more! So if you want to watch cats, or see who own's the famous ones, it's a great movie.

I firmly believe cats connect people. They bring joy and happiness by their cuteness, purrsonality and independence. If you win over a cat, you're good people.

(I'm sorry I couldn't find a trailer for it.)