Monday, April 20, 2020

*URGENT* Become a Kitty Pen Pal!

A friend of mine was checking in with me via email and he shared this link, encouraging me to become a kitty pen pal. Who knew you could become a kitty pen pal?! The Philbrook Museum of Art in Oklahoma has three cats that roam the gardens as part of the pest control. Since the museum is closed because of the coronavirus the cats are lonely and want you to write to them! They said you can write to Cleo and Perilla (pictured below), which I did, hoping they write back!

I'm a collector of vintage stationary and mailed the kitties a vintage card and included my shop information. After all, it's named Cats Like Us. If they get your letter by April 26, you'll get a letter back!!! (Hence the "URGENT" in the title.) What are you waiting for? There's lonely kitties out there that need your letter!!!

Follow up 5/7/2020

I got a response back! Vicktor, Ginger and I were invited to visit Perilla! AND I got a sticker. :)

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