Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Chonk or Poochy Belly?

I've seen the word "chonk" thrown around in kitty memes for a couple months now. It usually refers to an overweight cat, but  could that chonky kitty just have a poochy belly? Yes! There's a difference!

 Chonk Chart.

How do you know if your cat falls into one of these CAT-egories? You look at it's fuzzy wuzzy belly of course! Some cats don't have either, and there's no rhyme or reason to it.

Cat with pooch.

It's a poochy belly or "primordial pouch" or "belly flap" if...

-it's belly is near it's hind legs
-it sways when it walks
-you can't see a belly if you look at your cat from from above

Don't worry it's not a bad thing, and the pooch is there to help your cat. It's just part of you cat's anatomy! They use it to...

-stretch out to take long strides
-make room to fill tummy out, like when wild cats used to gorge on food
-protect vital organs in a cat fight

Pooch circled.

If you look at your kitty from above and it's tummy sticks out on the sides and is solid when it walks you have a chonker.

Example of chonker.

Here's a past blog on how to stop your cat from eating everything. Good luck and no matter what kind of cat you have be sure to give it an extra hug from me.

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