Saturday, September 9, 2017

My Fifth Horror Block Box - NOT!

Being subscribed to a bunch of boxes, you want to keep track of them so you actually get what you paid for in the mail. Many times you pay well in advance, trusting that the company will provide you with the box of surprises you paid for. Well SURPRISE! I didn't get a fifth Horror Block Box even though I subscribed to a 6 month plan. Yes, WTF was my response too! I went to the Horror Block Box website that takes you to a link that is completely misleading and looks like this...

I call bullsh!t. Their facebook page hasn't been updated since June 19, 2017. I contacted Rue Morgue about the missing subscription since they include their magazine in the boxes and they responded quickly with an email to address what's going on. They were kind enough to offer a discounted Rue Morgue subscription to Horror Block Box subscribers, something they shouldn't have to do. GO RUE MORGUE, THANK YOU! (YES AT THIS POINT I'M ANGRY TYPING).

Rue Morgue wrote on their website:

"It’s with a heavy heart that we confirm that the rumours are true: Horror Block is no more.

The mystery box subscription service enjoyed tremendous popularity over the last few years as the idea of exclusive horror content and collectibles at a reasonable price (with an element of surprise, to boot) proved deliciously appealing for horror fans, and Rue Morgue was pleased to partner with the subscription service to include our magazines and Library entries among their offerings. Alas, the company has dissolved, leaving Horror Block subscribers bereft of their goodies and, more importantly, their monthly dose of Rue Morgue!

We here at the magazine feel for all those subscribers left out in the cold, particularly since many of you have come to rely on Horror Block for our products...."

You can read the whole thing here.

I am SO very disappointed AND I'm out of two months worth of Horror Block Boxes. I even wrote about how excited I was to get the Horror Block Box! I guess like all things, I was behind and should have subscribed to them years ago when they were thriving. They included such great horror themed goodies that's prob why they went bankrupt! Or so that's the rumor. Grrrrr. I REsubscribed to Rue Morgue Magazine and hopefully that will be enough to help me with my horror movie fix. I guess I'm over being angry, now I'm just mournful. :(

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