So you take home a new cat or a kitten and the first thing people ask is, "What's it's name?" Kittens are the easiest...

A Cat By Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet

So you take home a new cat or a kitten and the first thing people ask is, "What's it's name?"

Kittens are the easiest to name because they don't have a name yet. You can pick anything!

What if you get a cat from a shelter and it's name is stupid and you can't live with it? For example, we adopted Ginger and Vicktor at the same time and they were both about three years old. Our Vicktor Frankenstein's name was Skoal. I'm guessing because he's black like Skoal tobacco? It's was a terrible name and we knew it needed to be changed. But to what? We always loved the name Vincent. So we tried Vincent, but after a few days, he really wasn't a Vincent, but more of a Vicktor. Yes, Vicktor Frankenstein that's it! The older the cat is, the harder it is to change their name, three years wasn't too bad.

Some things to consider when naming your cats:

1. Is it a boy or a girl? Do you want to name it according it it's gender?

2. Do you want to name it because of it's markings or color?

3. Do you want to name it after a favorite food, car, gemstone, or character from books or movies etc?

4. Ok, you've picked a name, consider the history of the name. (i.e. Hitler. Do you want to have to explain this to everyone?)

5. Does it's personality fit the name?

It's very important to reinforce the new name. Be sure to pet your kitty and say it's name so it can get used to the sound ~ not that it will always respond, but it least it will know when you're talking about it. You can say it's name and give it a treat too. Associate the name with good things.

If your new kitty is having a hard time with it's new name, you can combine it with the old one to start. Our Vicktor would be "SkoalVicktor", then after a few weeks, just "Vicktor".

Next get it a name tag even if it's an indoor cat, it might get out. Try to get a breakaway cat collar if you can. They are safer, so if your cat gets caught around the neck on something it won't get strangled. Now go on loving your newly named kitty!