Monday, May 8, 2017

PEF: Pet Emergency Fun-draiser

I'm an animal advoCATe - not just for cats though, but ALL pets. Here's yet another way to support animals, it's called the Pet Emergency Fund. It was created in Western New York to provide medical care to animals that have owners in need. It's funded completely by charitable contributions! The money is then divided by the vets as they see fit, so you have to be a responsible pet owner that is attentive to your pets needs and takes them in for check ups.

There's a variety of ways to donate, and you can see the list on their website.

Another fun way to donate that's a win-win for YOU is to purchase something from my store Cats Like Us on Saturday, June 17, 2017. You can purchase in store OR on-line and 15% of your purchase will go directly to the Pet Emergency Fund. We even have an "Everyday is Halloween" collection for us creepies. You can read about my store's event page here.

If you have ever experienced a pet emergency, you know how expensive an unexpected ailment can be. Please consider donating. Thank you for your support!

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