Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Movie: The Girl With All the Gifts (2016)

I first heard of The Girl With All the Gifts a few months back when it was featured on the cover of Rue Morgue Magazine. Like many people I AM SICK OF ZOMBIES. Stupid zombies everywhere from movies, to books, to comics, ugh you can't escape them ~ literally. BUT this movie intrigued me and had a different take on the genre.
***Warning: Semi-Spoiler***

Without giving too much away, the basic premise is that there is a fungal outbreak that has caused people to turn into zombies. In the movie they are called "hungries". We meet a young girl named Melanie that is in a military-type holding facility. She along with a bunch of other kids, are restrained in wheelchairs and taken to a classroom. Unlike the other kids Melanie is smart, inquisitive, and greets all the adults with a matter-of-fact kindness. She thinks for herself and we come to find out that this restrained life is all she knows.

Already I like that the kids aren't so innocent. They turn into flesh eaters when they smell humans. (Side note: If you like kid zombies check out the movie Cooties. It's more of a black comedy. Worth the watch. The Girl With All the Gifts is much more serious ~ but good, in a different way.)

This military complex is gated, but surrounded by hungries that are fast, strong, and break down fences to eat people. The zombies break in and Melanie, her teacher, a doctor, the Sargent and a few military guys escape through the woods and eventually to an abandoned city. The city is the epi-center for the hungries. The movie gets a little slow here, but there's a plot twist ending that makes it worth it.

Caution: In the very beginning of the movie she keeps a picture of a black and white kitty on her wall, so in my head I thought ~ great she loves cats! Alas, she ends up eating a black cat to survive. Thank goodness they don't show her killing it. I'd be a wreck. I love horror movies, but messing with a cat is a different story!

Here's the trailer...

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