Sunday, December 17, 2017

Movie Star Cats?!

While looking for a specific cat picture for my last movie blog, Movie: Hush (2016) I stumbled across a certain website and was completely intrigued. Andrew, my husband, and I always joke that our next career move will be to train cats for commercials and movies and I love that this website has a database for movie star cats! It's It includes a ton of genres, short films, television, animated cats, and more! But they aren't the only website dedicated to actor cats. There's The Horror Cats, Moviepaws, and Pet Cinematary (the last one includes all animal actors)! Who knew?!

Here's a small compliation from the Cinema Cats website of The Greatest Cats in Films, don't worry Burger Fiction (the people that made this video) are working on a part two! This one includes tons of Disney movies and animated cats, but it's still worth a watch. They are missing many ~ off the top of my head Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Keanu, Pywacket from Bell, Book and Candle, are missing for sure! (I blogged about Bell, Book and Candle for my shop website Cats Like Us. You can read it here.) If you want to talk about animated cats ~ what about Si and Am from Lady and the Tramp?! You can't leave those troublemakers out.

There's even a book dedicated to cats on film that came out this past September. It's simply called Cats on Film by Anne Billson. (I'm going to try to get my paws on it from the library.)

If you want to see a newer movie with real cats that aren't actors ~ I recommend Kedi. It's more of a documentary about the lives of stray cats in Istanbul. Trailer below...
Someday Andrew will be a cat trainer. Here he is teaching Ginger to be a parrot for his "pirate lifestyle." (a.k.a. drinking too much rum.) She sits on his shoulders while he walks around the house. It might be harder to do with a large cat, but Ginger is tiny and easy to carry. She purrs and loves being chauffeured from room to room. I'm off to go train Vicktor not to be a jerk and eat our fake Christmas tree!

Thanks for reading, my holidays have been very busy, hopefully things will calm down and I can get back on track to reading, writing, and watching more horror and cats!

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