With Friday the 13th over, let's talk about black cats for a moment ~ they aren't just a Halloween prop! I love our black Bombay kit...

Overabundance of Black Cats

With Friday the 13th over, let's talk about black cats for a moment ~ they aren't just a Halloween prop! I love our black Bombay kitty Vicktor Frankenstein. There are over 20 breeds of black cat, but Bombay cats are the most common. They are known for having a solid black coat, black toes and noses, with yellow eyes and a loud distinctive purr. Vicktor is playful, attention seeking, and curious, which is why I don't understand the overabundance of  black cats at animal shelters?! They have the worst adoption rates compared to all the other cats. To say I'm angry about this is putting it mildly.

Black cats spend 40% more time in shelters than other cats each year! As a result black cats have the highest euthanasia rate of any other color kitty. Do they get overlooked because they don't photograph well? Yes...in a way. People prefer white cats or cats with identifiable markings to black cats. Black kitties stand out much less comparatively. Some don't show up well in adoption photographs online and tend to blend into the shadows, BUT I can assure you their personalities stand out more! My Vicktor is a lover, especially after being fed. His fur is soft as silk and he takes an interest in everything I do, honestly he's better than some people I know. Lol. Thank goodness for professional photographers that have taken a liking to black cats and choose to photograph them in a way to capture their personalities. (For example.) Homeless black cats are so much of a problem, that there's the Black Cat Rescue dedicated to black cats.

Vicktor photographs as an angel.

Vicktor is very interested in what you are doing and wants to help.

Do black cats have bad reputations? Kind of. There's an unconscious belief lingering that black cats are bad luck. Well they are unlucky at shelters that's for sure! If a black cat crosses your path, is that bad? I don't think so! They are on a mission to get somewhere just like you are. If it stops, go over and pet it... if it lets you. Black cats are just like any other cat!

As for them being associated with witchcraft ~ that only happened because some "witches" used to care for cats. They were crazy cat ladies before the trend of crazy cat ladies. Cats are nocturnal and roam at night and witches were thought to consort with the devil at night, so of course black cats are evil. What a dumb claim! Cats were thought to be a witch's familiar, but any animal could have been a familiar. Some witches were even thought to be shapeshifters and turn into cats. Now that's just lunacy!

Remember to keep your cat inside for Halloween, especially if it's black. Black cats can't be seen at night and often get hit by cars or abused/ mutilated/ sacrificed at Halloween. Some shelters won't even adopt out black cats during the month of October! It's too dangerous.

Keep those puffballs inside!

Don't forget Black Cat Appreciation Day on Aug 17. Often shelters will discount adoption rates for them on this day and call it "Adopt a Black Cat Day", sometimes animal shelters even have discounts on black cats throughout the year. You just have to contact your local shelter to find out. I can assure you Vicktor gets extra treats on his special day.

Black cats make wonderful friends. They are just as loveable, as any other cat, please consider a black cat when looking to adopt.

I love my Vicktor Frankenstein.