Saturday, October 7, 2017

My Hunger Strike Cat: Update

My cat Ginger Rogers is not doing so well. You can read about the beginning of her illness here.

Wednesday (10/4)- She had lost an ounce since her vet visit on Friday. She ate Fri because of the appetite stimulant they gave her, then she ate less and less until now she's down to a couple of cat treats a day. So back to the vet we go for another appetite stimulant and hydration injection, but this time with blood work. Then we wait.

Thursday (10/5)- Ginger's blood work looks ok, but with a slight abnormality in her kidneys. She's getting another liquid injection today AND tomorrow to flush out whatever is in her kidneys. The blood work showed a slight inflammation too, but it's not enough of a problem to put her on meds. It's so frustrating.

Friday (10/6)- Another liquid injection, then we wait to see of she eats over the weekend. If she slows her eating down again I have to call Monday morning and bring her in.

I've been telling her to get better. It's not working.

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