I was looking for something "light" to watch that I haven't seen yet. I can tell you there's a lot . My want to watch and ...

Movie: The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020)

I was looking for something "light" to watch that I haven't seen yet. I can tell you there's a lot. My want to watch and read list is gigantic and I just keep adding to it. I really enjoyed The Babysitter so I thought I'd take a stab at the sequel The Babysitter: Killer Queen. (See what I did there?) Although not as good as the first, it was laughably bloody and entertaining. 


Two years later and following the events of the first movie, Cole is now ostracized because his family and friends think he made it all up since there was no evidence left behind. His family has him on all kinds of medication and want to enroll him in a psychiatric high school.

There's a new mysterious girl at school named Phoebe with the same cat tattoo (hint) as his old babysitter Bee, she seems like an outsider, and there's a rumor she killed her parents. Melanie, Cole's neighbor and best friend that he has a crush on and looks surprisingly like Bee, invites him to escape his parents new high school recruit meeting and go to a lake party. Little does he know that Phoebe will also be attending for different reasons.

Melanie looking like Bee.

Cole, Melanie, and their friends end up on a houseboat, where we find out that Melanie joined Bee's cult and they only invited him because they need his "innocent" blood to be mixed with the blood of a sacrificed friend. All his so-called friends are in on it, took the devil's oath, and resurrected the original cult minus Bee. I really like that all the same actors and characters were back. 

Old blood cult members.

Luckily Phoebe is riding a jet ski and Cole escapes with her to a rocky canyon. Along the way they kill some of the members but before doing so you get to see in flashbacks how Bee recruited them for her cult. This is what I wanted in the first movie because I feel like there's extensive back story, so that was very satisfying. 

Phoebe's familiar with the rocky canyon because it's where her parents have their cabin. She is on a hunt of her own and was left a key, her old stuffed animal, and a note in her locker and wants to know where they came back from and why it's leading her here. Her and Cole hide out in an underground room of the cabin while what's left of the old cult members and his ex friends search for him. Cole and Phoebe get a little closer, using an old reference, Once Bitten style. I'm making this old reference because there's too many dated and pop culture references throughout the movie that I'm sure the young ins won't catch. MC Hammer, The Warriors, Teen Wolf, and The Outsiders to name a few. The references just seem like filler for the dialog.

Cole & Phoebe.

In the end we find out Cole isn't an innocent anymore, Bee was also Phoebe's babysitter (hence her cat tattoo too), rigged the whole new ritual to end the blood cult, and she originally gave up her soul to save Phoebe. The blood cult book gets left on the beach for another day or another installment. I give it three out of five vials of blood.