I kept hearing rumblings about the movie Psycho Goreman , the local theater showed it as one of their Thursday Night Terror movies, and peop...

Movie: Psycho Goreman (2020)

I kept hearing rumblings about the movie Psycho Goreman, the local theater showed it as one of their Thursday Night Terror movies, and people kept telling me I would like it because it's a horror comedy. I watched it and I have to say it was just ok. Here's my review...


A brother and a sister, Luke and Mimi respectively, accidentally resurrect an intergalactic evil demon and control it by using a gem that it's bonded with after playing a game they made up called Crazy Ball. That's the story. Honestly it really needed more of a plot. Reminded me of a budget version of The Gate with a retro wave soundtrack and heavy weird religious undertones. It wanted to be a funny spoof of 80s horror, but it's just not that funny. 

The kids name the demon Psycho Goreman or PG for short, and Mimi controls him to do her childish whims. She is an asshole and her father is lazy. (I should mention there's no "f-word" in this movie. Is it meant to be wholesome with all that gore?) I can understand why her mother and brother are so frustrated. Psycho Goreman kept threatening them saying "you will suffer an eternity for this" and I was really hoping he would kill them in the end. Unfortunately he just turns their innocent friend into a throbbing brain-looking blob and opens his mouth wide enough to eat his enemies bodies whole. There is a cool part at the end where he makes a sword out of the bones of his enemy...at least I think that's what happened? All the while, the intergalactic council and his long lost followers try and figure out how to rebury him.

Very cool sword.

At one point in the middle of the movie there's a Psycho Goreman montage where he and the kids start a band together, go shopping with mom, stroll down the street, and hang out at a diner. It seemed odd and forced. There's random lessons scattered throughout that make no sense too. I was trying to figure out where all this was going, and it didn't go anywhere.

This is where we learn PG can open his mouth really wide.

It's very predictable, the characters are unlikeable, and the plot is lacking. The only thing it has going for it is the practical gory special effects and PG's makeup. I give it one demon out of five. (I know harsh, but I can't like everything! Go watch The Gate instead.)

Trailer....all the "funny" parts are in it.