I know I've been on siesta for a while, let me tell you why... I own Cats Like Us and we've been busy with things ~  kind of   ~ op...

Update: My Vintage Life & Body Horror

I know I've been on siesta for a while, let me tell you why...

I own Cats Like Us and we've been busy with things ~ kind of  ~ opening up this summer and people going places, so that's taking up a huge chunk of my time. (Don't worry, I'm not complaining.) My shop won an award for Best Vintage Clothing in Western New York from Buffalo Spree Magazine.  

We even had a full page spread! (That's the hubs ~ Andrew.)

Logically to follow, I joined the Vintage Fashion Guild, which has been a dream of mine for about 15 years. I finally qualified to become a member!

Next, I had a Halloween photoshoot with Sweet Heart PinUp for my website. If you ever have the opportunity to book a photoshoot with Destiny, she does amazing work. You may remember I wrote about doing the Shining Pinup Photoshoot and the Halloween Photoshoot before. We are even using the top image as a post card to promote Cats Like Us. (Yepper, this dress is available here. You can also shop our Everyday is Halloween Collection that we have year-round for kooky spooky ghoulies!)

Photos, Accessories & Props: Sweet Heart Pinup
Makeup & Hair: Julie Ann (me)
           Dress: Cats  Like Us

Between all this fun stuff, I've been writing movie reviews for Auxiliary Magazine. The magazine for subculture fashion, music, and lifestyle. Available in print and digital editions with weekly website content!

Some of the movies I've reviewed so far are Antebellum, Saint Maud, Midsommar, Slaxx, The Stylist, and coming soon, The Green Knight and the Fear Street trilogy. 

Jump to fall and September and things took a bit of a dive, I had the flu for almost two weeks. Thank goodness it wasn't COVID! (I was tested.) I'm so retro I had the old-school flu. Ironically, I usually get a flu shot on Labor Day. (Again side note: I never used to get them until about ten years ago. I was in the emergency room on Christmas Day because of the flu.) Use hand sanitizer in my shop!

Nearly accurate depiction of me with the flu. (Reagan costume Halloween 2017.)

As of late ~ meaning this past week ~ I've been having a bit of trouble with my left elbow. On Tuesday it started swelling up, changing color, and I couldn't straighten it or bend it to touch my shoulder, so I went to the doctor. A billion dollars, x-rays, meds, and more later, and we still aren't sure what's going on. No broken bones and the swelling is going down from the meds. Don't know the cause, but I'm going in for a follow up appointment next week. Eat your heart out Cronenberg I live the body horror lifestyle! (Should that be a hashtag? Is it too weird? Nah! #bodyhorrorlifestyle) Honestly, I would like to be growing another arm to make doing my hair easier. 

I have experience with multiple arms... 

(Halloween 2015.) Doc Ock! Anyone see the new Spiderman trailer? 

Ok, I'm getting off on a tangent. My point is I'm still around just busy. You can follow my Facebook page in the meantime, where I share funny memes and cat stuff. I hope you are all well? Remember wash yo damn hands!