Appalachian Wild A few years ago I blogged about collecting mascara wands for the  Wands for Wildlife program at  Appalachian Wild . ...

Wands For Wildlife!

A few years ago I blogged about collecting mascara wands for the Wands for Wildlife program at Appalachian Wild. They've had such a huge outpouring of wands that they now only collect them twice a year in October and February.

Since my blog, I've been collecting mascara wands and making shout-outs on Facebook for customers and friends to drop them off at my shop Cats Like Us. I'm happy to announce we collected 79 wands! I washed and mailed them out.

If you would like to donate wands to the program be sure they are clean and that you include this form. Maybe you don't have mascara wands or October/ February is over? They are always collecting donations from their Wild Wishlist or monetary donations.

What I really liked was the nice email I received in response to our donation. It was appreciative and made me feel like even if it's an easy way to recycle, it really helped them out.

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Don't forget to check out the Wish lists from your local shelters too, you'd be surprised what they often need!