Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Introducing Bloody & Cute

Hi, I'm Julie Ann, and probably a little bit late to the blog-o-sphere, but after chatting with my husband about my two favorite things ~ cats and (gasp!) horror movies ~ he said, "There's probably other people out there who share your love. You should start a blog." So here I am.

My focus is pretty specific. I can predict you'll see many pictures of my cats Vicktor Frankenstein and Ginger Rogers, and anything cat related, AND I'll be writing about horror movies and creepy things.

Oh and I must warn you dear readers, I have a terrible writing complex. It started in grad school when I was told I write how I speak. I'm hoping this blog will help me find a place for the way I write... which may tend to be train of thought at times. I just get SO excited about sharing ideas. (No seriously, I do.) So come along with me on this bloody and cute journey!