I think that if you like The Babysitter , you might like All Cheerleaders Die   it's bad disowned third cousin. Although not quite as fu...

Movie: All Cheerleaders Die (2013)

I think that if you like The Babysitter, you might like All Cheerleaders Die it's bad disowned third cousin. Although not quite as funny and filmed like a 1980s objectification of women slasher, it's mildly entertaining and has a place among high school-teen-drama-horror. (Is that a genre? Well, it is now.)

*Spoiler Alert*

It has all the stereotypes... cheerleaders that are conceded and hot, jocks that are immature, a homely girl that's the mascot, stoner kids, a weird girl that's a witch, and the main character, Maddy, that wants to infiltrate the cool clique to get revenge for her dead friend and ruin her scummy ex-boyfriend's senior year. It doesn't take much for Maddy to do just that, but a tragic car accident happens, killing all the girls in the car, including Maddy. Unbeknownst to her, her ex-girlfriend that's infatuated with her, is a powerful witch that does some blood and crystal magic bringing her, and the snooty cheerleaders back to life. So now Maddy is linked to the cheerleaders she doesn't even like. They become a man eating girl gang of the undead, but can only hide their secret for so long.

All Cheerleaders Die starts off pretty light and predictable, so you think it's going to be a horror comedy (the main reason I wanted to watch it), but there are darker things in the plot going on, and I'm not talking about the witch stuff. Trigger warning...there's physical abuse. A girl gets punched in the face by her boyfriend in front of her friends, there's a rape, and there's a violent cat killing. Don't worry, the cat gets resurrected, but the other things you can't fix. 

Entertaining yes, reinventing the wheel no. It does a disservice to practicing Wiccans stating more than once magic is "crazy Wicca bullshit". The camera angles focus a little too long on the butts and boobs of the hot chicks. And the lesbian angle seemed played up for guys watching the movie to fulfill a lesbian fantasy. I give it almost two out of five cartwheels.

Trailer Warning *you see the cat die in it*