Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Movie: The Stranger (2014)

So yes, I did it! I finally watched The Stranger, the Eli Roth DVD and Blu Ray combo from My First Horror Block Box! I have to say the story was interesting and needed a little more explanation and more story, but it was filmed with a focus on small town realism and underlying corruption which kept my attention throughout.

***Warning: Semi-Spoiler***

Long story VERY short, it's about a drifter (aka the stranger) with a blood disease that comes back to a small town in search of his also infected wife, but he ends up getting beaten up by a gang of thugs lead by the police Lieutenant's delinquent son. Then a string of events take place where you learn more about him and his wife through flashbacks, but what you don't find out is how they ended up with a blood disease? Where did it come from? Are they vampires? How can he use blood to save people, but they don't get infected from it? There's reference to a symbol that's branded on his skin that's never explained. I wanted more.

One of the brightest parts of the movie ~ near the end.

Caution: The Stranger kills a fluffy black kitty named Eva. The kitty (of course) is shown lapping up milk and shortly after it's shown dead on the floor in a pool of blood. A kitty drinking milk such a stereotype. Couldn't he just have killed a rat or something? Gah. At the very end there's a dead dog too, but it looks like he still breathing just covered in a little blood.

A lot of it is dubbed, which can be slightly distracting, So I'd say this movie is about average for a horror movie and rate it 3/5 fangs.

Here's the trailer...

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