Although not necessarily "horror" per se, Twin Peaks has an eerie vibe that sticks with you for many years. Now 25 years later, s...

Twin Peaks Revisited

Although not necessarily "horror" per se, Twin Peaks has an eerie vibe that sticks with you for many years. Now 25 years later, season three is going to premier on Showtime on May 21, 2017.

I'm a huge fan, but I must confess, I didn't watch the show when it originally aired. I had dance class that night, and wasn't interested in finding out the meaning of the catchphrase "Who Killed Laura Palmer?". A couple of years after the show ended, a friend of mine said I would love it, and offered to loan me his copied-from-TV VHS tapes of both seasons! Recorded VHS tapes made watching it even creepier with tape tracking skewing the images. After that I was hooked ~ like a fish in a percolator!

Twin Peaks was/is a phenomenon! Really it's no wonder. The TV show is a surreal escape into the quaint small logging town of Twin Peaks located in northwest Washington state. The main story is a "who done it" murder mystery surrounded by other worldly demensions that unfold but are never fully explained. There's NOT even a sincerely "good" character to root for. All of them have underlying secrets.

With season three on the horizon, I started to re-watch Twin Peaks. I can't believe this was ever on network TV! It's a soap opera where all the quirky characters have a double life and you can't wait to find out more. Once you figure out who the killer is ~ by the middle of season two ~ the enthusiasm to know more about the townsfolk is over UNTIL you find out more about the White Lodge/ Black Lodge hidden in the woods. Then it abruptly it ends on a cliffhanger. *sad face* The last episode always seemed very rushed to me. To give the show more closure, the movie Fire Walk With Me was released. BUT it's more of a prequel leading up to right before Twin Peaks starts. It's unfulfilling, still leaving questions unanswered, which lends itself to a cult following and people making their own theories.

David Lynch, has a cinematic photography style that was really unusual in the late 80s, plus he paid subtle homage to the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. (Way before Mad Men). You can find it every where on the show from Bobby Briggs vintage bowling shirt complete with chain stitched name on the front, to Nadine's eye patched head vase of herself (weird), to Dr. Jacoby's Hawaiian themed office complete with vintage barkcloth covered chair to Audrey's school girl fashion, Major Brigg's pineapple monkeypod serving tray, to the Log Lady's 1940s style bakelite leaf and acorn brooch she wears on her collar. If you close you're eyes for a minute, you'll miss the fun vintage things in the background. This is another reason I LOVE LOVE LOVE Twin Peaks.

In addition to the TV show and movie, they released a series of books too. I have some of the older Twin Peaks books, that were official releases, and I was gifted the new book The Secret History of Twin Peaks for Christmas. The new book is composed of  "mockumentation" ~ fictional letters, news clippings, and government documents. The first half is about the actual history of the locale of Twin Peaks, Lewis and Clark discovering streams etc. etc., the middle focuses on the history of the characters (and you actually find out why they are the way they are) and the last part is more about the future of Twin Peaks and there's a connection to aliens. That's all I'll say without giving too much away.

I've always had a crush on Special Agent Dale Cooper, played by Kyle MacLachlan. I have an 8x10 of him by my desk at work and this picture has traveled with me to 5 jobs over 20 years. Someone once pointed to the picture and asked me, "Is that your boyfriend?" I said, "Yes." Kyle if you're out there, I have a crush on you! I EVEN have the soundtrack to Showgirls. (Terrible movie but I love you in it and the soundtrack is great!)

My Special Agent on my filing cabinet.

25 years later and it's still fascinating!

Who has Showtime? ~ if you invite me over I'll bring a cherry pie!


  1. "Twin Peaks party!" Great idea...

    1. Yes, I had a TP party! I was Audrey Horne and we ate stacked donuts and played Pin the Cocaine on Laura Palmer (pin the tail on the donkey style). We even covered the bathroom in a red curtain like the black lodge. That was almost 20 years ago! Time flies for sure!

  2. That show is so weird but I loved watching it. Special Agent Dale Cooper!!! I love your pic of him and love that someone asked if he was your boyfriend. So good! It will be interesting to see how season 3 goes after so many years later! :O

    1. Yes, unfortunately I don't have Showtime, but I'm hoping I can find it somewhere!