Veronica , "scariest" movie on Netflix . Psssh not really, however it IS a good possession film. It's subtitled and ...

Movie: Veronica (2017)

Veronica, "scariest" movie on Netflix. Psssh not really, however it IS a good possession film. It's subtitled and takes place in Madrid in 1991, oh an it's based on a TRUE STORY!

***Spoiler Alert***

The movie starts at the end of the story. The police get a phone call from a young girl saying "He's here." (Although the trailer says "It's here.")

Flashback three days prior, we meet Veronica, her three younger siblings that she cares for, her bar owner mom, and we find out her dad died. Her mom spends all of her time at work. Veronica is the kids mother figure with lots of responsibility for her age and no help from anyone else.

Veronica and her two younger sisters go to a Catholic school and her baby brother is presumably in pre-kindergarden. 

It's the day of a solar eclipse and Veronica and her two girl friends skip watching it outside instead to perform a seance in the basement of the school. Innocently, she just wants to talk to her dad again. The board ends up breaking and starting on fire and Veronica becomes possessed and passes out. She wakes up at the nurses office. We then find out she's fifteen and hasn't had her period yet. (Lucky girl.) So yes, this is a type of coming-of-age film too. Following the nurses office, she leaves school for the day and "Sister Death", the blind nun takes notice of her, seemingly watching her when she leaves.

Once home Veronica tries to hide the broken Ouija board but it jumps off the shelf. She sits down for dinner with her siblings and can't maneuver a fork to her mouth. She looses time and control of her body and doesn't know what happened.

We see her bathing her little brother in a beautiful mid century modern bathroom. Yes, I'm possessed by the blue fixtures and poodle pink tile. Simply gorgeous!

But then, she gets locked out of the bathroom and the tub water gets scalding hot and burns his skin. She saves him just in time.

The TV turns on by itself, lights flicker, she has visions, sees shadows...and I should mention this is only 30 minutes into the movie!

She talks to Sister Death since she seems to see things even though she's blind. The nun tells her the "spirit answered her call" oh and that spirit IS NOT her dad.

Veronica tries to take things into her own hands (like she is forced to on a daily basis) and makes the Viking symbols of protection in her siblings rooms, but the demon in her house burns them. Body shapes are burned underneath all of their mattresses. Oddly, she didn't check her mom's mattress but then again her mom is useless and demons don't care about her.

Her sister wakes up in the night by getting choked by Veronica? Veronica still doesn't know what's going on. This is a lot for a fifteen year old to take. She goes back to the only person that listens to her...Sister Death and her advice is "You have to do right what you did wrong." She went back and researched and remembered they never said goodbye after the seance. She goes to her two girlfriends that performed the ritual with her to help her say goodbye to this demon and they are too busy partying to care. (Some friends.) Now Veronica is really becoming unhinged.

She sets up another seance at her house with her sisters to say goodbye and it doesn't go well. She finds out the demon was in her all along and trying to kill her family. She cuts her own throat and sacrifices herself to the demon. The end.

Great acting by the kids. They are charming and likable. The story is solid. Lots of foreboding and creepiness. I give it four out of five black charred demon hands.

Here's the trailer...