So with my fancy brand spanking new Family Video membership I rented A Quiet Place . I read a lot of hype about the premise and I was cu...

Movie: A Quiet Place (2018)

So with my fancy brand spanking new Family Video membership I rented A Quiet Place. I read a lot of hype about the premise and I was curious to see what it's about. I can tell you the premise was great but it really made me angry for several reasons.

***Warning Spoilers Ahead***

It starts off with a family scrounging for supplies in empty apocalyptic small town.  The audience is told it's "Day 89". There's a mom, dad and three kids, the oldest one wears a cohclear implant hearing aid. They don't make any noise and communicate via sign language. As they are walking back to their house you hear paper rustling, leaves blowing, birds chirping, and water dripping, so at this point you ask, why do the people have to be quiet?

In the first ten minutes you find out why and what the monster is. Their youngest boy trails behind. Why would you let him get so far away from the group if you know monsters are prowling around?!!! Gah. Bad parenting! He turns on a battery operated toy that makes noise and this giant alien swoops in and kills(?) him. The aliens look similar to the Demagorgon in Stranger Things. Even their heads open similarly. So now you know why they have to be quiet and what's killing people in the first ten minutes. Well that takes the suspense away.

Stranger Things Demagorgon.

A Quiet Place Alien.

Flash forward to "Day 472" Mom is pregnant! Um, that's a little irresponsible bringing a baby into this alien world where you can't make noise. Also, they must have had really quiet sex. Were they trying to replace the child that was taken from them? Are they trying to breed alien fighters for the resistance? I just think it's very poor planning on the parents part. I was really hoping it would be an alien baby that would have made the story more interesting. So now the audience is waiting for her to have her baby... quietly. That's it, go ahead and make more kids you have to protect. Honestly, at this point I lost interest. They deserve whatever happens to them for being bad parents.

In the end they conquer the aliens through sound waves. The daughter's hearing aid is at a frequency that kills the creatures.

The family dynamic is good. Everyone blames themselves for the son/ brother's death. It was interesting to see how the family adapted to being quiet. Living underground, eating off lettuce instead of plates, replacing metal monopoly game pieces with softer things. They have security cameras everywhere watching their grounds and a light system to notify them of trouble. The acting had to be good because for the most part there isn't any dialog. I give this movie two wanna be Demagorgons out of five.

Here's the trailer...